About Pro Janitorial Inc.

We look for the following characteristics in our employees: good character, good references, good common sense, stability, demonstrated good work ethic, the physical ability to do the work, and a desire and reason to do this kind of work. Experience is not a prerequisite, since we train all our new employees in our methods and to our standard. New employees are supervised for as long as it takes to ensure that they will adhere to the standard to which they were trained. After this probation period, employees are further motivated to do good work through quality of work bonuses based on inspections. We always treat our hard working team members with the respect and courtesy they deserve. Our low turnover and long term client relationships are the strongest indication that we have an excellent group of employees. Trust and respect between management and employees is essential toward meeting our goal of operating a quality business with integrity. We also train employees for more than one location for backup.  That way there is no interruption to cleaning services.

Bonded and Insured

Pro Janitorial is bonded, and has the appropriate insurance to service any size of business. We carry worker's compensation insurance and liability insurance for your protection and peace of mind.






  • To behave responsibly and ethically towards our coworkers and clients at all times.


  • To build a business that has a reputation for quality work and honesty.


  • To provide our clients all their janitorial needs, in a quality manner.


  • To treat our clients with courtesy and in a professional manner, and to establish long term business relationships with them.


  • To treat our employees with the respect they deserve and to keep their working environment safe, profitable, and enjoyable.


  • To provide jobs that help people reach their goals in life.


  • To operate a business for which we have enthusiasm and pride.


  • To not sacrifice our integrity and high standards in the pursuit of growth.


  • To be better than our competition